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Araldite,Agomet Series of Structural Adhesives
IXChemistry Series of Structural Adhesives
WELLMID Series of Structural Adhesives
The adhesives packing OEM service
The Tructure Performance Test
Bonding PTFE,Bonding POM
Bonding PP,Bonding PE

Company Profile

In the past 17 years, we made efforts for industrial structural adhesive field with ARALDITE series of products as basis; 
In the next 17 years, we rely on the advanced raw materials of Dow, Ciba, Basf, Huntsman, etc., applied products and technology to continue to precipitate in structural adhesives industry.


Technology Center

We not only contains the world's top products of structural adhesive
But also focus more on research and development of the packaging process, use technology
With test data to evaluate the applicability is our attitude toward application