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In the past 18 years, we made efforts for industrial structural adhesive field with ARALDITE series of products as 
In the next 18 years, we rely on the advanced raw materials of Dow, Ciba, Basf, Huntsman, Innovent, etc., applied
products and technology to continue to precipitate in structural adhesives industry.
We not only quickly supply adhesive products with excellent structure but also are more concerned to provide you
with comprehensive adhesive solution and technology support.
We pay special attention to research and market development of special bonding metal and plastic products in
industry, electronics, civil.
We continue to adhere to the company purpose of "high-quality product, fast service, forever partner", to establish the
win-win bridge for you and me.

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Enterprise culture: 
Red passion, blue dream, passion realizes dream----this is the essence of Wellmid to keep youth and progress; 
Wellmid (dle) means “excellence middle)----establish bridge for people and things;

Enterprise concept:
Positive, active, creative, surpass 

Quality principle:
Constant, control, focus, stable 

Service principle:
Timely, fast, communication, trust 

Management concept: 
Guide, cultivate, improve, breakthrough 

Market strategy: 
Harmony, opening mind 

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Now, every product we produce conforms to the REACH regulation, and constantly progresses and improves under
the new rules;
In the future, we will further perfect the technology advice in Shenzhen technology center, making the entire process of
production to application realize the energy-saving environmental protection with harmless environment;
Now, we are setting up two high-quality structure adhesive cooperation factories in Reggio-Emillia, Italy and Bad
Sooden – Allendorff, Germany;
In the future, through transit center in Hong Kong that is in construction, we more quickly provide high-quality
products, technologies and services for customers around the world;
ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system have gradually become our
important operation management system!

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  • Wellmid

    Wellmid rely on years of industry experience of select the world's most mature raw material products and techniques, filter contains three mainstream structure adhesive including epoxy resin adhesive, polyurethane adhesive, methyl acrylic adhesive, so as to meet the needs of all kinds of structural adhesive;

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  • IXChemistry

    IXChemistry not only contains the world's top products and technologies in the field of structural adhesive, but also focus more on research and development of the packaging process, use technology, test technology of adhesives, in order to meet the rapid development of various new materials and new technology.

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  • INNovent

    INNovent is a professional institution researching new materials and surface treatment; through a variety of high-tech materials and technologies, we optimize the processing of surface base material, to achieve the best adhesion effect; we use the powerful support to meet all kinds of high-strength and high-structure adhesive needs;

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  • Ciba

    Ciba is a very long history of the most prominent chemical with Geigy of very large multinational group, control and monopoly the global market and technology of a large part of chemical products, pay special attention to technology research and development in the chemical industry maintains its position as the leading enough, epoxy resin technology shows its important position in synthetic.

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Super adhesives,Rapid adhesives, High temperature adhesives, Transparent AB glue
Structural adhesives, Repairing adhesives, Sealing adhesives, Fast curing, Rapid gule
Bonding Metals,  Bonding Plastics,  Bonding Ceramic, Bonding Composite materials
Bonding PTFE, Bonding PP,  Bonding PE,  Bonding PA, Bonding POM, Bonding SCM
Strength test,Salt spray testing,Hing and low temperature test,Environmental testing
Surface treatment,  Packaging technology,  Operation technology,  OEM production